2013 Evangelical Road Trip. 17 July 2013- February 2014

This year sees us taking the longest evangelical road trip yet. We will be taking the gospel to five provinces, ministering in more than twenty towns and travelling nothing less than 5000 kilometers.

2012’s road trip saw more than three thousand souls touched by God’s love, and make Jesus, their Lord and Saviour. I am convinced in my heart that this year’s evangelical road trip will see a greater harvest of souls as we follow God through South Africa.  I believe that God is doing something extraordinary in our land and from here it will ripple through Africa and shake the nations of the whole world.

I invite you to partner with me and share in the adventure. Travel with us as we minister in cities, townships and the rural areas of South Africa.

“Swing in your sickle, and gather the harvest” Rev 14:15

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Branch: Strand
Account Name: William Austen