William Austen Ministries is based in Paarl in the Western Cape South Africa. 

“Our hope and prayer is that through this ministry many will be lead into a personal relationship with Jesus, and have the devil defeated in their lives.”

Mission Field:

Distributing Bibles in our Communities

We try to put a Bible in the hands of those we share the Word of God with. This is made possible through Bible donations to our ministry. The demand for Bibles are great, especially among the poor.

Daily Bible reading maintains our connection with God through His written Word. It reminds us of his character, promises, our dependence on Him, and our future together. It familiarizes us with, and helps us grasp, the whole story of Scripture, and it keeps our souls intimate with God.

School Ministry
One of our visions is to reach the young people  with the gospel.

This is a desperate generation! satan has intensified his war against the youth. Many are caught up in depression, addictions, sexual immorality, broken families and are bombarded with many false doctrines and teachings. Some are at the brink of losing all faith and hope in the Gospel.

By bringing them the Word, through plain and simple preaching, and guiding them into a personal relationship with Jesus the Messiah their hearts are inspired and they are released into their destinies and are empowered to look at life in a new way.

When Jesus the Master takes over, He breaks the strongholds satan is using to keep our future leaders, parents and disciples in bondage. Allow me to tell you that the youth are amazing. “Trust me”, one student said, “all they really want, and need, is their God!” I will never forget those words!

Prison Ministry
This is one evidential truth no person can deny; Life behind bars, is a world of cruelty, sadness, fear, hate, gangsterism, sexual perversion and hardship.

These men and woman are living in the midst of the strongholds of the enemy, there is no escaping! They need the strength of your prayers. Inmates need Jesus!

We have seen how The Holy Spirit has touched and humbled the hardest of men, and the most vicious and violent offenders and how Jesus has given the hopeless hope, and courage to the faint hearted. Where The Spirit of God is, there is always freedom!

The testimony Jesus the  has given me, has inspired many inmates, giving them reason to put their trust in Jesus and allowing HIM to transform them.

Street Evangelism
Preaching The Word on the streets, is not always the easiest of tasks. But is fulfilling. It is amazing how people avoid us, when we have the Bible in our hand, and make The Name of Jesus known.

Then, there are those who are willing to listen. Some come ask for prayer. And then the absolute prize, when we bow down on our knees with strangers in the street, and call upon Jesus. It makes it all worth the while.

Church Ministry
Being an interdenominational ministry, we visit different churches where I have the honor of serving God’s children.

Town Halls and Sport Grounds
As an evangelical ministry meetings are also held in town halls and at sport grounds.

O, what a humbling experience to see people coming to repentance, and accepting Jesus in faith, and becoming God’s children.

Contact Details:

William Austen                 

Cell:  +27 65 378 8376

Email: william@williamaustenministries.co.za

Christa Austen

Cell: +27 74 585 1403

Email: christa@revivalnow.co.za