Aftercare Camp with WOW Ministries

The weekend of 10 May 2024 I had the privilege to serve with WOW Ministries which hosted a weekend camp for ex offenders in the mountains in Paardeberg. By the Spirit of God, by His almighty power and influences, the hearts of those men were healed by the perfect love of our Father. In a most glorious and heart-engaging manner God filled us with hope. By His word, His Spirit, and His blood everyone present at the camp received grace and comfort from God. Hope was given and souls were saved. Great, and greatly to be praised, is our exalted Redeemer.

Message Summary;

Surrender to God. You are His chosen ones. He is your Father. Hear His voice through the gospel, and renounce all others, and devote yourselves entirely to Him and His service as the objects of His gracious and everlasting delight.