Assembly Erika Primary

On the 16th of March William reached out to learners of Erika. A few days later the school phoned and invited William to visit again. He took the opportunity. Without any delay, he asked all eight hundred children to stand to their feet and declare the promises of Jesus over their lives.

Message Summary:

So nice to be back in your school and start the week with you again. I got really good news for you. Jesus said that in this world we have trials and tribulations, circumstances which are not always nice, or even easy to deal with. But, Jesus says that we must be of good cheer because He has overcome the world and deprived it of its power to harm you! Victory is yours. I want you all to stand up. Just there where you are standing, make this declaration with me.  Shout this after me:  “Jesus, thank you for the victory you have planned for me. Devil, get behind me. Thank you that this world cannot harm me. Victory belongs to me. I am destined to win! Failure is not my portion. I will succeed because of Jesus my King! Here is my life; I give it to You Jesus! Amen!”