Baptisms at Lewende Woord Paarl

Great is the wisdom and power of God in the baptism of men. He brings men to repentance and have them baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and they receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. The persons who were baptized this morning came up out of the water, crying, walking and leaping and praising God.

Message Summary:

Alas, how perversely men will continue opposing and reviling the most evident manifestations of God’s power and goodness till the Holy Ghost begins to work in their heart! Today God is honoring you for your obedience. Today you will receive the Holy Spirit, and the most wonderful effects will follow – the deepest impressions of divine truths – a thorough conviction and self-debasement – earnest inquiries after salvation – the most unfeigned faith and sincere repentance – dedication of your riches and your children to the Lord – faithful subjection to Christ and to His gospel – grateful praise for His kindness, and zeal for His glory – heavenly mindedness, contempt of this world, and compassionate love to your fellow saints. You go into this water today symbolic of Christ’s grave, and you will stand up as a new person. Raised to life by the Spirit of God.