Botrivier School Outreach

Botrivier is a small town situated next to the N2 Highway in the Western Cape.  We were given permission by Mr Theron, the school principal to have an outreach at the school. There are six hundred pupils ranging from grade 1 to grade 12. Once again, unbeknown to us the “Gideons” were also present and handed Bibles out to the children. How wonderful is God?


William thanked God for the gift of life, and for the privilege to minister to His children. Then he said;

You belong to God. He is your Father who loves you. Maybe you don’t know Him, but He knows everything about you. His thoughts of good toward you are countless. He desires to give you a good future, simply because you are precious and He loves you. Even though you are young, and some of you small, never think yourself weak! William told the children to look up into the sky (they all looked up).  There is an Almighty God who sits enthroned in Heaven. Maybe you can’t see Him, but He is there.  He is above all the powers of heaven and earth and He is on your side. He is your Father and will always be your Father. What do you say, don’t you want to be His child? The children said yes, and all six hundred children received Jesus as their Savior.