Centurion Spur (Pretoria)

Being served coffee in the Spur at 05h30 in the morning was a first for us. But even more so, gathering in a Spur to worship Jesus, was much more amazing than the coffee. We were surprised when we learnt that a group from a local Christian Re-hab were invited….

Message Summary:

Blessed is the man who does not give in to tempation. (James 1:12-15) satans power as the tempter is limited! We are tempted when we are drawn away by our own carnal desires. Dont allow your minds to be filled with all sorts of evil desires and fantasies. Step by step satan lures us into his trap.  Sin is conceieved in the hearst and minds. Don,t entertain these thoughts, but rather replace them with these truths: Jesus has risen, and you are the children of God. There is no trial too great, no temptation too strong, that satan can use that will destroy you! If you face him from a position of knowing that God has given you the ability to walk in 100% victory during every testing, every trial, and every temptation that the tempter will use against you. Jesus has destroyed the works of satan in your life, including the power of sin which once ruled over your will and held you in its grasp. Hold to Jesus, and dont converse with satan. Don’t allow your thoughts to be filled with evil desires and fantasies. Rather be filled with the Son of God.