Clanwilliam. Kromdal Farm. (Workers and Parents)

After visiting the children at the school on Kromdal Farm, we met with the workers on the farm. Some of the workers are also the parents of the pupils at the Kromdal School. The owners of the Farm, Gert and Zinet de Beer, had given a desperate cry for help. None of the workers are interested in the Gospel, while alcohol abuse and violence is at the order of the day.

Message Summary:

I have looked into the eyes of your children. They are tired of all the hurt and fighting. They have had enough of all the liquor. They are hurting. They are desperate for a life of peace. God has given you these children to love them and take care of them. They need you. Surely you want more for your children than what you have right now! They look to you for guidance and comfort. But they don’t receive it. Because satan has you exactly where he wants you. BROKEN! Overcome with the demon of alcohol. God loves your children, and He wants to give them a bright future. It starts with you. God wants to save your souls, and set you free from this life of defeat. Will you please receive Jesus into your life today and be the parents that your children are crying out for.

Twice William gave the opportunity to receive Jesus, and be made whole. Not a single person stood up. Regardless, William walked among them laying on hands and praying for their hearts to be softened and their souls to be saved. The men were very angry, and deeply offended, while two women broke down in tears allowing him to pray for them. “I believe the seed has been sown and trust God will bring it to life”.