Crusade in Villiersdorp

What a blessing from God Himself, to start the evangelical work for the year with those dear people of Villiersdorp.  There is such a need in that (shantytown) township of Villiersdorp. As the community gathered over the seven days in the Name of Jesus, and in the presence of God Almighty, The Holy Spirit ministered to these desperate people. God’s love was overwhelming, and many put their trust in God’s Son. Hearts were healed, and souls were saved.

Thank you to Evangelist Jacobs and his committed team for working so hard in this community and on the crusade.  Thank you for giving Jesus to this community.

Message Summary:

There was a man named Jairus who was once a director of the synagogue, and when he heard that Jesus was in the area he came running to Jesus and fell by His feet and pleaded that Jesus comes to his house and save his twelve-year-old daughter who was busy dying. He did not care whether he was an important figure in the community, a director of the synagogue, what mattered is that he knew that only Jesus could save his daughter who he loved so dearly, and he humbled himself in front of Jesus, in front of hundreds of people, calling upon Jesus to save his daughter. And Jesus saved her. Maybe you too today are a very important person in your community, a leader in your church, a big shot in your gang, I tell you if you will come to Jesus today, as Jairus did, kneel at the feet of Jesus, He will save your children.

There was a woman who had a blood flow issue for twelve years, she had spent all her money on doctors, she was desperate for help, and when she saw Jesus between the crowd, she forced herself through the crowd who were pressing against Him. She said in her heart; “if I can only touch Him, I will be healed.” So she pressed through and touched the fringe of His garment, and the Bible says she was healed and the blood flow stopped immediately. Put your trust in Jesus today, touch him with your faith and He will heal you. Jesus came for this purpose, to destroy the works of the devil. God is here in Villiersdorp. He knows your torment, your struggles, pain, sorrow, and sickness. Give your life to Jesus today, come to the cross, and be changed forever. There is no other name under heaven by which men can be saved but by The Name of Jesus. Right there where you are, give your life, not your heart, but your life to Jesus, and live my friends. The price has been paid for you.

(Matthew 26:36-39)(Luke 8:40-55)