Drakenstein Prison. Western Cape

How great, and what must God be in Himself that He can even sweeten a prison, turn it into a church, and fill the prisoners with His Spirit!

Message Summary:

This is not your home. God has heard your cries. He has heard your prayers and Jesus Himself will change your destiny today. God says:  “Set your eyes on things above and not things of this world”. Why does God instruct us in this scripture, because this world is not your home! In 1 Thessalonians 5:18 The Bible says that we ought to thank God in everything, no matter what our circumstances may be. You might be thinking; how on earth can we thank God, for being in prison. Allow me to tell you why. Because today has nothing to do with your sins! Today it is all about Jesus and The Spirit of God. Today The Kingdom of Heaven has come close to you, and God Himself wants to fill each of you with The Holy Ghost. God sent Jesus into this world to set the captives free, and today the Altar of Christ is before you. This is a place designed by God for you to lay all your sorrows, all your fears, sickness and every other trouble at the feet of Jesus. Right now, just as you are, come to the front and receive Jesus into your life and be filled with The Holy Spirit.