Easter weekend Herbertsdale Primary.

We were asked to visit the school on the day they closed for the Easter holiday. This has been our third visit to Herbertsdale and can only testify of God’s goodness, and how HE is changing lives. We love these children and they completely trust us.

Message Summary:

There was a man sitting along the road who was begging because he was paralyzed and could not work. He was begging because he could help himself. Have you ever seen how badly beggars are treated? Maybe here and there someone throws them a coin or gives them some food, but most people treat beggars worse than criminals. But not Jesus, He is full of compassion and love toward those who are sick, blind, deaf, cripple, and in need. As this poor man was sitting and calling out for help, two disciples named John and Peter who Jesus sent to be a blessing to the world stopped by him and said; “Silver and gold we do not have, but will give you what we do have. In the name of Jesus Christ, stand and up and walk.” And immediately the beggar was healed and he got to his feet jumping and singing and praising God.

Do you know why this man was so thankful to God?  Because through God’s love, he was set free from a terrible life. And just as God was good to that beggar, so He is to you. None of you are paralyzed and none of you are beggars sitting on the street. Just as that man sang and jumped with joy and praised God for his deliverance, so you must also embrace God and your health. This Easter holiday, stay away from drugs and all the other bad things that can cripple you. God has given you a great opportunity to live a good life on earth. Remember Jesus loves you and you are blessed.