Franshoek ex-offenders outreach.

Being in the presence of the Holy Spirit with ex-offenders from Ireland and South Africa brought us great pleasure and joy as these men worshipped Jesus and surrendered their lives to God.

Message Summary:

Jesus is your salvation. He is the strength you need to have victory over your past and future. He is the great Shepherd for His people and will never lead them into darkness. You can trust Him with your life. The Bible says that blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord. He will never fail you. He is your Savior. My friends, without Jesus, your lives will fall apart, and you will lose eternal life. But if you will take hold of Christ tonight and surrender your heart to Him, you will live now and forevermore with Him by your side. O, what a mercy and blessing to be possessed by Jesus Christ. Never be found without Him. Not even for one moment. I say it again. Without Him, men fall apart.