Free State Care in Action – Social Services Parys. January 2014

Social services in Parys invited William to serve at a meeting where applications were handed in by youth for government funding for foster care. Many of these children were abandoned by their parents, and are living with grandparents or friends of the family. Others have never met there relations. MRS Willin Diederiks and her team are doing great work in the Parys and Vredefort area. Thank you. The Lord Bless your work.

Message Summary:

God is faithful and can be trusted! God will give what is sufficient. There is hope in building your future when your first priority is whenever you find yourselves guilty of evil, immediately run to Jesus’ arms who is made sin for us! Remember that Jesus suits every trespass we can be guilty of. Bless Him all the days of your life, and in turn you will be blessed. These words are true, sin and especially poverty can never stand in our way to heaven through Jesus. He loves you. The Bible says; “ask and you will receive” I know I am a sinner, but The Blood of God and nothing less erases my mistakes and allows me to live and serve Him. Each one of you who have chosen to make Jesus Lord of your life belong to God. He is faithful and can be trusted! God will give what is sufficient. Your future is spelled H.O.P.E