G.C.S. Meyer Sport Grounds: “Parys for Jesus 2013”

On Sunday the 24th of November there were extreme thunder showers over a vast area of the Free State, including Parys. Just before the meeting begun at 15h00, the thunder was explosive. The rain was coming down in buckets! Lightning was continuous, and finally struck meters away from the pavilion, leaving the sport grounds without electricity for a few minutes. At three o’ clock, God ensured that all was in place and The Holy Spirit begun to change lives, and God saved souls. Those who were present committed their lives to Jesus.

“Parys for Jesus was truly the hardest evangelical outreach I have ever experienced. At times I felt like walking away. But God gave me a task to complete, and I knew that HE would not leave me to face this alone. And so by God’s grace I kept my eyes on Jesus and managed to bring this event together. Regardless of the opposition!  And the so many, many, other difficulties and disappointments! “Parys for Jesus 2013” happened and a foundation was laid! God is faithful, and nothing will stand in His way. He is God Almighty, and He will not be stopped! To Pastor Patrick who translated the message into Sotho, and to all who stood by me, I thank you from my heart. The Lord Jesus, Bless you.

Message Summary:

Each one of us here today, is Parys for Jesus! And Jesus wants to heal and save us. And because we have made a stand for Jesus, God will be our divine provider. In Him is everything we need. He provides strength, comfort, and help in time of need. He alone is our All and in All. Our God is a God who likes to reveal Himself to His people. He is more than the time we spend in prayer. More than the hour we have in church, He is REAL, and HE LIVES! He is The Mighty God! The only TRUE GOD! He is our resurrection and our life. He is our source of strength and as we abide in Him we may draw strength and nourishment from Him. In Him is everything we need. He is our wisdom, our strength, our very success. Jesus is here today, and today He is also our healer. He is here to heal you! Here are people here today whose hearts are broken, Jesus wants to heal those hearts. He wants to heal families. He wants to restore relationships. He can heal all manner of sickness. He opened blind eyes. He opened the eyes of Bartimaeus a blind beggar. He restores hearing. He makes the lame walk. And He heals all who are oppressed by the devil. He is a healing God! He has the power to destroy the works of the enemy! And heal all those that trust in Him. Today, Jesus is here and “He is HEALER”! By His stripes we are healed! Maybe you cannot see Him, but He is here. Right there with you. The Bible says where even two gather in His Name, there He is. Are you listening to me? The power of God is here today. If you will just call out to Jesus, He will touch you. He will heal you. He will save you. He will change you. He is the conqueror who always delivers His people and conquers His people’s enemies. Pour your heart out to Jesus today, and I promise you, you will receive your breakthrough. The same All-powerful God who created the rainbows in the sky, sun and the moon, the thunder we hear and these magnificent lightning bolts we have seen here today, is the same All-powerful God who wants to give you your breakthrough. Don’t walk away here today without your miracle. Without your Jesus!