Gordons Bay Dutch Reformed Church

The manner in which we were received in Gordons Bay Church, brought much tears to our eyes. We were met with love and kindness and it felt so wonderful been among the Body of Christ.

Message Summary:

My heart breaks when I see how little reverence people have for God. Even many Christians speak of God in a too casual and familiar way. It is as if we have forgotten what it means for God to be Holy. God announced to Moses “I the Lord your God, am Holy.  Have you ever caught a vision of  how Holy God really is? Few catch this vision of God as He longs for them to do. In the Old Testament where God met with man, the ground was called Holy ground. God’s Temple was Holy. In it were a Holy place and a most Holy place, where God revealed Himself.  Strict laws were in place as to how one would approach such a Holy God. The Priests wore Holy garments, and were anointed with Holy anointing oil, Holy perfume and Holy water. They offered Holy gifts. Prophets were called Holy just as the New Testament Apostles were called Holy. Everything about God is Holy. God dwells in a Holy Heaven and sits on a Holy throne, where He is served by Holy angels. Twenty five times the Bible says that God’s Name is Holy. Fifty-one times He is called “the Holy One of Israel.

God The Father is called the Holy Father. God the Son is called the Holy Servant, and The Holy Spirit is repeatedly at least eighty three times called Holy. The Bible speaks more of God’s Holiness than of His love! When Moses spent forty days in the presence of God his very skin began to shine. When Isaiah caught a vision of the Holiness of God, he cried out “Woe unto me!…I am ruined for I am a man of unclean lips. When Ezekiel saw the Holy God with Fire He fell face down! Daniel saw in a vision God’s flaming face and eyes and fell helpless with his face to the ground. When Peter saw Christ’s Holy power he fell at Jesus’ knees, saying “Go away from me Lord; I am a sinful man. When Saul caught a vision of Jesus’ Holiness he fell blind to the ground. Even John the Disciple who Jesus loved and who had cushioned his head on Jesus’ chest, when he saw the Holy glory of Christ with His flaming eyes, fell at Jesus’ feet as dead.

Who is that presumptuos person who wants to to stand bolt upright before such a holy God and insist that God does not reallyt intend for man to be holy and that it is alright for man to sin a little. Dont listen to the lies of such men! Seven times in the Bible God says, “I am Holy” and each time He ads “Be Holy” Will such a Holy God tolerate sin to reign in the hearts of His children? Will God whose Name is Jealous, be satisfied with our divided hearts and allow us to keep longing for the world? A Thousand times NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Will the  God who is light and in whom is no darkness at all indwell and be satisfied to live in the man who is unclean and loves sin, and who is filled with darkness? A Thousand times NO!!!!!!!!!  My dear fiends, children of God, make your self ready to meet your God. Be Holy. Be ready, For Jesus is coming soon.