Grabouw Groenberg Secondary School

We were blessed in Grabouw as the Gideons attended the school with us and gave Bibles to the pupils.

Message: Surely I am with you till the very end of the age. (Matthew 28:20)

What does it mean to say that Jesus is with us? Does it mean our lifes will be easy? Does it mean that God will take our side in every argument? No, but it does mean that our God will never let us face a single struggle alone. It means Jesus will never withhold the help we need.

What difficulties are you facing? Troubled parents? Broken family maybe? Pressure from other pupils? Are you standing on a surface that is uncertain? Have you done things that you are too ashamed to share with anyone? Does it feel to you as if life has become unbearable? Are you struggling with drugs?

Take a moment this morning and stop imagining yourself surrounded by all these difficulties, and instead look at yourself as you really are, surrounded by the presence of your faithful God. Decide today to do everything in your power to follow Him. The Lord will give you His peace, protection and will encamp you with His power.