Groenheuwel Primary School. Paarl.

On the 15th of March, we visited Groenheuwel Primary School in the Western Cape with the team from Khula Ministry. This school has more than a thousand learners who all called upon the Name of JESUS, declaring HIM as their SAVIOUR and KING. Hearing these children shouting JESUS’ Name over and over was an experience we will never forget.

Message Summary:

Don’t be afraid. JESUS is with you!

This world has got many kinds of storms. And these storms sometimes force us to be afraid. Some storms are earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes. But, there are also many other kinds of storms we can find in this world. Some storms might be problems at your home. It could be your daddy and mommy fight a lot. That is also a storm. It could be you are being bullied. That is a storm. Maybe you are even scared to play outside or walk down the street because of all the scary people. That too is a storm. There are even people who want to destroy your life by forcing you to take drugs or even do things with your body. That too is a storm, and storms make us afraid. Let me tell you a story of a very big storm that happened on the sea and made grown men very, very, afraid. They were so scared they thought they were going to die. One day JESUS and His disciples got into a boat, and suddenly there arose a violent storm on the sea, so that the boat was covered up by the waves as the wind was blowing violently. The disciples were petrified and went to wake JESUS up who was sleeping because He was resting from all His hard work. They called out to HIM. “JESUS! JESUS! JESUS! We are going to die! Help us! HELP us!” and JESUS got up and asked them, “Why are you afraid?” and JESUS rebuked the storm and immediately the wind disappeared and the sea was calm. Then they said, “Who is this JESUS who can stop a storm and save our life?”

Children when you are in the storms of this life, and you trust and ask JESUS to help you, to save you, HE will keep harm away from you. JESUS will protect you. JESUS is saying to you today:  “ I AM with you. I will protect you. I will not let you die. I love you. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid!”