Heidelberg East

Heidelberg is a beautiful small town in the Western Cape just of the N2 Highway. In 2010 we had an evangelical outreach at the Heidelberg sports grounds. More than 1500 people attended this meeting and GOD done great things. On the 17th of May 2015 GOD brought us back, this time we served on the street in the community, and again GOD did great things. Souls were saved, and miracles took place as the power of GOD restored broken bodies.  Many people came out for prayer and were touched by GOD. Opportunity was given for testimonies after the meeting of what GOD had done. And yes, only GOD gets the glory!

Message Summary:

Where three or four are gathered, or even two or three, or even if there be one who believes, God is there among them. I feel the mighty presence of God in the atmosphere. God is here today. In the name of The Messiah, the Rock Jesus, the water of life, is here today, and the water is flowing. New water! Freshwater! Holy water! Free water! Come drink without price. Come drink from the rock Jesus. Jesus said; “anyone who thirsts, let him come drink from me, and he will never thirst again. Jesus has an appointment with each one of you today. He is here and He wants to heal you. He wants to save you. He wants to prove His love to you. He desires to give you victory in all areas of your life. Jesus wants to give you life eternal and all you have to do is come and drink. By the power of the only living and only true God, here comes a cleansing today! Here comes a refreshing! Hallelujah!

We take our word from Matthew 19 from verse 16. (The rich young man)(Please read) This young man was not a bad person. He kept and done the commandments. He had a desire to enter into heaven but found it impossible to sacrifice the very things that separated him from God. Now we can say just like him, I keep the commandments, I go to church, I give my tithing and so on and so forth. But the real question today is this: what is really holding you back from following Jesus and being His disciple? I want you to picture this young man and Jesus as they are having this discussion. In His great love toward this young man, Jesus leaves heaven to have a meeting with this young man to come show him what it is that is keeping him from being perfect. Keeping him in bondage and holding him a prisoner from following Jesus, and becoming His disciple. Today just as that young man stood before Jesus, so each one of us stands before the Master to make a choice. What will you choose? Will you choose to hold on to the world, or will you say here I am Jesus. I lay everything down for you. I choose to follow you. I want to drink. Or you can like that young man, turn your back on Jesus, choose the world, choose pride, choose your money, your drugs, choose doctors, all while the very creator of life stands before you. Religion cannot save you, neither can friends, or money, nor drugs, and houses, or even a good sermon, nothing, can save you except Jesus. Today I dare you. I said I dare you to resist the devil and follow Jesus. Do you see that sun in the sky? If you believe that God created that sun, then your faith will allow God to heal your body today and set you free from the power of death. Everyone who is thirsty, come right now to the front, come in the Name of Jesus and receive your miracle.