Herbertsdale Sport grounds

Herbertsdale is situated just off the Garden Route on the N2 highway, outside Mossel Bay, in the Cape Province. It is a small farming community, with beautiful mountains surrounding the village. There are only a few hundred people living in the settlement (Township) and that is where God sent us. Days before the outreach God created so many opportunities for us to minister on the streets as we were giving personal invites to the folk. We prayed for the sick, comforted the broken, and led many to Jesus. Then, on the evening of the meeting, “Revival” came to the people of Herbertsdale as Jesus saved souls, healed the sick, set the captives free.

Message Summary:

Exodus 3:7 And God says; “I have surely seen the affliction of My people who are in Egypt and have heard their cry because of their taskmasters and oppressors for I know their sorrows and sufferings and trials”.

God had done great things when He led His people out of Egypt and delivered them from the power of Pharaoh. Then on a day when Pharaoh realized that they were not coming back, hate and murder erupted in his heart and he commanded his soldiers to hunt them down and kill them. God’s people finally came to the Dead Sea, in front of them water and behind them the horses and chariots, and murderous men drawing closer. They were trapped, no escape, and they believed that they were surely going to die. In their confusion, and fear, and hopelessness, they began to speak against this Great God of heaven. “If only we stayed in Egypt! If only we did not listen to His servant! Where is God now! We will surely die today!” But God told His servant to strike the water, and God made a way for His people to escape the sword of the devil’s servants.

Today there are many people who are also talking against God. Who is asking where is this God of The Bible? Look at our town! Look, our children are on drugs, our people are being oppressed, our daughters are being raped, where is this God you came to talk about?

The message I bring you today is this; “REPENT, and climb on the highway of life. Stop mocking God, stop accusing God, repent, and trust Jesus. Turn from evil, let go of sin, and follow God. Give your life to Jesus. He will make a way for you. God loves you. If you feel God calling you from out of the desert, then stand up and follow Him.”