Homeless of Busy Corner Somerset West 07-12-2014

Can one ever thank Pastor Andy from “Bread of Heaven’ and his committed team enough for reaching out to the homeless people of Somerset West.  Their unwavering dedication to bring food relief, and the Gospel of Jesus to these desperate individuals, has blessed hundreds of shattered people. Thank you, Pastor Andy. THANK YOU.

William asked for the opportunity to reach out to these men and women. The Spirit of God touched many lives, and many were filled with hope, that comes from God alone.

Message Summary:

Life hurts! Life is not a walk in the park. To be on the streets is not easy, to stretch a hand out for help is not easy. To keep your head high and hold on to your dignity is hard, I know I have been there. Living on the streets is surely the hardest place to live. No shelter, no food, no respect from your fellowman, feelings of hopelessness, insecurity, unworthiness, rejection, loss of family and friends, fear, hunger, cold, and the list just goes on. But I promise that in this all, there is Jesus who loves you my friends, A KING, who knows your name, who shed His blood for your restoration. His Name is Jesus, The Son of God, and He is your solution to all your problems. I do not know all the sorrows you have had, and the troubles you have seen, and the battles you have lost that have flung you to where you are today. But I do know, that if you will put your faith in Jesus, He will hear your cry today, He will change your life, He will save your soul, and will never lack the greatest need of all, LOVE. He is here right now, and if you call out to Him I promise you today, Jesus will make a way for you. Seven years ago, at the brink of suicide, with a gun stuck in my mouth, He made a way for me, and today, He wants to make a way for you. Right there where you are, in your heart, cry out to Him, and see, and feel that He is good.