Homeless of Somerset West

How Mighty and Infinitely Merciful is our Saviour Jesus Christ! By His grace we could reach out to the homeless in Somerset West, Cape Town. Our hearts were deeply moved with compassion for these people.

Many of them have been on the streets for years. It was hard to see just how much these people were hurting, how broken some of them were, but, O, the unbounded love Jesus has toward them. Yes, The Lord Almighty who is Mighty to Save, set them free! Praise You Jesus!

“Dear Friends, who are loved by God, and who are beautiful in His eyes, The Lord loves you. Yes, the world looks at you as rubbish, as outcasts. But Jesus, who is the lover of your souls, He looks at you as His beloved children and as heirs to His kingdom. You need not feel worthless any longer, to the Lord you are the most valuable of all treasures. Man might reject you, but you have acceptance with God, and today you can receive your freedom, healing, honour, grace, and eternal blessedness from Him. I know it is hard to find your way through these streets, but rest assured, Jesus is your way, and by His own blood He has opened a path for you to follow Him. He is The Living God and the Triumphant Conqueror over all sin, sadness, loneliness, poverty, hunger, illness, satan, and death. Today is the day of salvation, and of victory. Your hearts need no longer be troubled, your King is here!!”

Special Thanks to: Pastor Oesman from Ministry of Grace, and Pastor Andy from Bread of Heaven