Imekhaya Primary school.

Imekhaya Primary is situated in the Kwanonqaba Township of Mossel Bay and has just under a thousand learners in the school. God touched the hearts of the learners and they all committed their lives to Jesus and to the good of South Africa. Thank you, Father, for Your favor on the children of our Land.

Message Summary:

‘Do you love South Africa?’ I asked. “YES!!!” they shouted as they responded to my question. ‘Do you remember how much our late President Nelson Mandela loved this country and its people?’ again they shouted “YES!!!” I asked a third question; ‘Do you know that God loves this country and its people?’ They answered “YES!!!” The Bible says that God did not send His Son Jesus into this world to condemn the world, but to save it. South Africa needs Jesus, and South Africa needs you. Just like God used His Son Jesus to save many, Jesus used our President to be a great leader and example for our nation. What about you today, you are the future of this country, do you want to be part of the great plans God has for South Africa. “YES!!!” Thank you. If you allow Jesus to be a part of your life, you too can have a positive contribution. And just as Nelson Mandela was used, as a man of peace, and hope, so God will use you. But we need to start at the beginning and that is at the cross.