Isalathiso Primary school Mossel Bay

Isalathiso is situated in crime and drug-infested area and the children of this community face the hardships of township life every day. Again, who can be compared to God’s Son? Nine hundred children were blessed by His Words and purpose for their lives. Nine hundred children shouted at the top of their voices, “Jesus, I give you my life. Jesus, bless my school. Jesus, bless South Africa. Amen.”
Special thanks to Mr Sijaji, the principal for giving us the opportunity to bring the Good News to his learners and staff.

Message Summary:

I am here today because Jesus loves you. You are very precious to Jesus. Life isn’t easy in the township, here are many things happening all around you that isn’t good. Jesus wants you to know this morning that you do not have to suffer. Look at that banner against the wall. It says “Jesus Saves” He wants to bless you with wisdom and protect you from all the bad things, and bad people. You are His children and you are the future of this great Nation. This land belongs to you, not to the gangsters and drug dealers. Look at the sun in the sky, just as the sun rises every day, so Jesus is with you every day. When you wake up He is there to help you, to strengthen and protect you. You know why because this country needs you. South Africa needs you, and this is the reason why I am here today, to tell you that God has great plans for you.
Jesus has promised that He is the bread of life, and whoever eats of Him, will never go hungry. South Africa needs Jesus, and South Africa needs you. What do you say, will you give Jesus, a place in your life?