Klawer North Secondary School, 07-08-2013

William invited Rooftop Christian Fellowship and the SAPS to join and assist him in reaching out to Klawer North Secondary.  They immediately said yes and taking hands in Jesus Name, many gave their hearts to Jesus.

Message Summary:

I have been informed by the police and by the teachers of the school, that drug abuse and gangsterism is on the increase in your area, and that some of you are even involved. Listen to me, these things lead to death. By the mercies of God, I beg of you who have crossed the line, to turn back to Jesus. Even if you are not involved with drugs, we all need Jesus. The world is changing every day, and with the change comes more demands on you the youth. Don’t think for one moment you going to make it on your strength. You will not! That is the very reason why Jesus came to this world, because we need Him. Jesus says in John 10:9; “I Am the Door; anyone who enters through Me, will be saved (will live)”.  Make sure that Jesus is part of your life, make sure today that you are saved and going to heaven. Turn to Jesus, today my brothers and sisters, and live.