Last outreach for 2020

We were so blessed in the presence of God during our last outreach for the year. The service was held in a hall on a farm. There were only a few people who attended, but God done great things. God was once again so faithful. After the Word was preached an altar call was made. Everyone came to the front. The sick came for prayer and God healed them. Others repented. People were crying as The Holy Spirit was healing their hearts. O, how faithful is God! We also had the honor of serving with my friend Christo, who specially traveled from Mosselbay to Klawer to do this outreach with us.

Message Summary:

Dear friends, we must have pure faith. We ought to trust God with all our hearts. God is faithful and He can be trusted. God is instructing us to live holy lives and to part with sin. Jesus said that He has come so that you may have life. He wants to bless you and heal you and defeat the works of the devil in your lives. We are to love God with all our soul, with all our might with everything we are. Today God is calling each one of us into discipleship. Allow God to heal your heart today and take your position as a child of God.