Lutzville High School

God is so faithful. The outreach at Lutzville high school is one I will always remember. The Holy Spirit was moving on that rugby field among the learners and teachers. All the learners including of the teachers surrendered their lives to Jesus. They chose to serve Him as their God and voted against the idols of this world. Jesus was glorified today and souls were saved.

Message Summary:

Everyday you making a choice between God and the world and there are eternal consequences. You got two options heaven or hell. Its either Jesus or the god’s of this world. One day in 2007 I surrendered my life to Jesus and I chose Him above my own desires, my own lusts, my own idols, and pleasures. Have you ever done that? Sure there is pleasure in sin, but it only lasts so long, then its over. The the shame comes, the guilt comes, the condemnation comes and sin brings forth it’s wages, separation from God! But if you choose Jesus there won’t be the guilt of sin there won’t be the shame, there won’t an eternity without God . When I chose Jesus on that day in 2007 I made a choice that me and my house will serve the Lord . Have you ever made that choice? You can’t change your past but you can change your destiny by choosing Jesus. And by choosing Jesus He will change your past and wash away every sin. Don’t leave this school grounds today without being one hundred percent sure that Jesus is part of your life. Come to Jesus today and have your soul saved. I am going to ask each one of you who want to commit your lives to Jesus to get to your feet and pray with me. Amen. Thank you for choosing Jesus in the presence of God.