Marching for the King of Glory

On September 11th different organizations and ministries marched in the Strand against drugs and crime, proclaiming JESUS as LORD and KING.

Declaring: “satan, we know our authority in the Blood Covenant with our Messiah. We come against you corporately. You will flee from us, in Messiah Christ Jesus’ Name and leave our people alone! We ask You Father to rebuke satan, in

Jesus’ Name! Father cover us, our minds and this town in Your Blood. Encamp us with your serving angels. Anoint our ears and our minds to hear and understand Your Word. Father please seal us off and place Your angels at these entrances to keep evil out of our town, in Messiah Christ Jesus’ Name!

Please take over our town and our lives and prevent us from following anyone other than You. Let Your Name be glorified in our town! We come against all the works of satan and take it captive unto obedience to our Messiah. We pull down all blindfolds, crush all strongholds and push over all walls of separation, in Jesus’ Name!

We bind every demon inside or outside this town and ask that You slay them with dumbness, blindness, and deafness, and sow confusion into their ranks! We declare their rights not applicable on our town, in Jesus Name, our Messiah Yeshua.

We declare it into the Heavens! It is a decree! It is a new season of victory over the Bride in our town. We are praising and worshiping You The Almighty. It is a declaration of our loyalty to The King of Kings, Yeshua Ha Mashiach and what You did for us. It’s a warning cry of the impending judgment, for the day is here. It is a wake-up call, it’s a beckoning call for the Bride to prepare and be ready, in Jesus’ Name. We renounce all things that honors’ darkness and raise the banners for our King to come back into our town. Our Messiah, The King of Kings, our Saviour, our Creator, our Father in Messiah’s Name!

We thank You Father for sound minds and that only You will rule from this day onwards in our town. Thank You ABBA Father, Yeshua and Spirit, in Messiah Christ Jesus’ Name! Amen.

Special thanks to: Traffic Department, Police, Drug free Africa, Ministry of Grace, VGK Strand, Khoi Hertitage Foundation, Strand primary.