Baptism of three precious souls

We were asked by three beautiful and precious daughters of Christ, to come and Baptize them in Muizenberg.  Two of the girls are William’s niece. His one niece, Quinta, and her friend Rachel, are second year medical students. His other niece, Jo-Marie received her diploma in Marketing and Advertising in 2011.  “I will never forget this moment in my life”, William said. “Even when I am an old man,  I will remember this day clearly.”

Baptism Prayer:

I call upon Your Name Lord Jesus. You are our Father and Creator. We now come as a step of obedience and bring our flesh to be crucified and cleansed by Your Blood as in Galatians 2:20. Father, thank you for the high honor You have granted me, to lead your daughters into this water today.  I ask by the power of Your Spirit, in Jesus Christ’s Name, to raise their flesh from the dead and to make it alive to serve You as they stand up out of the water today.  I ask that You renew their bodies unto obedience to You Father. Holy Spirit, I ask in Jesus Name that You come indwell each one of them. Thank You ABBA Father, Messiah Christ Jesus and Spirit of Truth for the miracle that is about to happen in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.

Quinta, I baptize you in The Name of Jesus Christ.

Jo-Marie, I baptize you in The Name of Jesus Christ.

Rachel, I baptize you in The Name of Jesus Christ.