Niewoudt Secondary School

The morning of the 7th and 8th of November we had the honor of sharing the Gospel and my testimony at Niewoudt Secondary School in Klawer North. This is an outreach I will always remember. God was glorified, lives were changed and the enemy defeated. The Holy Spirit was touching hearts. All the learners stood to their feet calling out the name of Jesus over and over. We then had the privilege of praying for the learners and teachers and blessed them with Bibles. This also concluded our school outreaches for 2020.

Message Summary:

Now that you have heard of how dark my world was, and of how Jesus saved my soul and set me free from drugs and the power of satan, I urge you to avoid bad role models and those people who want to lead you astray. Most of the youth across the world have been programmed for defeat. The media! The dirty websites! The ungodly music! False doctrines! False hope and dreams! Today is your opportunity to rise up and commit your life to Jesus and refuse to be part of the sin in this world. God has great things planned for you if you choose to follow Jesus and make Him Lord of your life. I assure you today, based on the Word of God you will never go down the road I have been. The All powerful God of heaven and earth will give you the victory over all the strategies of satan. Hold on to Jesus and never let go.