“Nuwedorp 4 Jesus 2013” Villiersdorp.

Villiersdorp is a town of approximately 10,000 people and is located in the Western Cape Province in the Overberg region. It has a small township called Nuwedorp. On Sunday the 3rd of November the event “NUWEDORP 4 JESUS” was held. Those who were there were blessed in the presence of God as they hearkened to the voice of The Lord and called out to Jesus to heal their hearts and fill them with His Spirit. Special thanks to Villiersdorp Secondary School for making their grounds available, and much thanks to the worship group ‘Sound of Grace’

Message Summary:

If you are returning to The Lord, then do so with your whole heart and renounce your idols and make place for God in your life. Direct your hearts to The Lord and serve Him only and He will deliver you from the power of darkness. You might say, but where is God? It looks to me like He never hears or answers my cries. It appears as if the devil can do to me just as he pleases. Where is God then! Look how divided the local church’s are. Just look at our town. See all these broken people! Can you not see all these sinners dying and going to hell! Look how drugs and liquor are destroying our community! Why does God not save these people and stretch out His arm to heal this land”? Then I want to tell you today that God says that His work starts at His own house. He wants us, His people to return to Him with our whole hearts. He is not satisfied with ten percent of our time and hearts. His Name is Jealous. It’s not only that His Name is Jealous, but the Bible says that He IS Jealous. God wants much more of you. He wants more than your heart. He wants your life! God purposed it so for us, the Spirit filled Bride, to step out in His power and set the captives free. God is saying to His church in Nuwedorp, if you return to me today, if you will come back to the cross, I MYSELF will empower you with My Spirit and I will dwell among you again. I will heal Nuwedorp. I will save the lost through you. Give ME your life and I will show you great and marvelous things. I AM GOD, and beside ME there is no other. The answer for you, for Nuwedorp, for South Africa, for the World, is My Son Jesus, and only Jesus. He has always been the answer. Return to Him today! (1 Samuel 7:3)