‘Onse Kaia’ Homeless Shelter

The outreach at the homeless shelter really broke my heart. To see people so desperate for help, to see people so broken, well it hurts. I shared my testimony of how too I walked the streets as a homeless man, like a lost soul. and how Jesus saved me and broke the chains of addiction in my life and how He gave me a new life. Many stood up and gave their lives to Jesus and many came out for additional prayer.

Message Summary:

I bring you very good news today. If you will give your life to Jesus, He will save you and change your circumstances. God knows each one of you. He has heard your prayers and seen your hardship. God wants to be part of your life. We have got to realize that suffering, brokenness, depression, hardship, poverty, sickness. addictions and death are not from God. God is altogether good. Jesus said the thief only comes to steal and to kill, but that He has come to give life and give it in abundance. When you have Jesus as your Savior and God everything in your life changes for the better. You can face your battles with all of heaven backing you up. Whatever battles you are facing right now, you must remember that satan has been defeated. Regardless of how difficult or impossible the situation may seem to you, with God all things are possible. It is the heart of God to save you and change your circumstances. He has no pleasure in seeing you suffer. Today is your day. If you give your life to Jesus today, He will do for you what no man can do.