Albertinia Rugby Field. 29 Nov 2012.

The school holidays officially began on the 29th of November 2012 for High School Albertinia in the Western Cape and our last school outreach for the year was held there.

Message Summary:

For years I travelled a road all wrong. I was so deep in the world and separated from God. I looked to drugs for comfort. I looked to alcohol and bad friends and nothing could fill me. At the end, because of rebellion and wrong choices I went to prison for many years.

I thank Jesus for this opportunity that I may speak to you before you go on holiday.  Friends, you have heard my testimony. Stay away from people who shoot drugs! Stay away from people who break the law. And most importantly, avoid all people who hate the testimony of Jesus.  Jesus loves you more than all the gold or anything to be found in all of creation. You are more precious than you will ever know. Jesus alone is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. Without Jesus in your life you will experience one disappointment after another.  Jesus did not plan any defeats for His children, only victory after victory. Don’t walk away from here today without making sure that you have Jesus in your life. Don’t walk away from this field without being 100% sure that you are going to Heaven. Be sure that Jesus, the All-mighty God of Heaven and earth, is your strength. Jesus is saying that today is truly a time for a gracious welcome and acceptance. Today is a day of salvation. Jesus says that nobody can come to Him except The Father draws that person to Him.  If you feel that God is drawing you to Jesus. If you feel that you want to live for Jesus and that you have a desire for Him to be the King and Saviour of your life. If you feel that God is calling you out of this dirty world, into His kingdom so that He can give you a life of victory then raise your hands, but only if you feel that God is drawing you. Thank you for those hands Jesus. Say this prayer with me. “I repent of my sins. Come and take your rightful place in my heart Lord. Thank you for saving me. Amen.” You are young and beautiful. Stay pure. Hold on to Jesus my friends. Don’t for one moment think that you are strong enough to face the devil on your own. You won’t make it! But, if you remain in Jesus, Jesus promises you that whatever you ask The Father in His Name He will do it for you. He will back it up. He will make it come to pass. Remember that satan has been defeated, and that Jesus has now given you the ultimate weapon to face all of your battles. He has given you the legal right to use His Name. Enjoy your holidays.  The Lord Jesus Bless you.