Outreach; Klawer Primary School 12-08-2013

Surely, there can be nothing more precious in all the earth, than the love of God, the salvation of souls and the innocence of children. Once more Jesus proved that the kingdom of heaven belongs to the children. To those who receive Him with childlike faith.  All the children stood to their feet, raised their hands and called out the Name of Jesus, at the top of their voices declaring that He alone is God.

Message Summary:

JOHN 3:17; For God did not send The Son into the world in order to judge (to reject, to condemn, to pass sentence on) the world, but that the world might find salvation and be made safe and sound through Him.

This means that it is God’s will that each one of you might be blessed with the presence of Jesus in your lives. This scripture means that God wants to save you from a life of failure and disappointments, and that you can have Jesus in your life to save you from the evil of this world and to give you a good future. God loves you.  He only has good planned for you. Plans to prosper you, and not to harm you! Jesus is knocking at your hearts door. Will you open, and let Jesus come in? You need to make that choice. If you want Jesus, The Son of God who loves you to be part of your life, if you want Jesus to take you by the hand and lead you, and take you with Him into the future He has planned for you, then invite Him into your hearts.