Overberg High School. Caledon

To stand in front of learners, and speak of Jesus, is a big challenge sometimes. But at this school, it was a BIG blessing.

Message Summary:

Today we celebrate Ascension day. On this day more than 2000 years ago Jesus, was taken up to Heaven. Jesus said; “I AM going to prepare a place for you, and when it is prepared I will come fetch that you may be forever with me.” Those words are for His children. Not for the devils. Undeservingly, we have the right to spend eternity with Jesus. In a place that He has prepared for us. To share in His glory, to look upon The Lord forever! Jesus faced the cross, that terrible cross, for you and for me, knowing He would die. But, He knew that He would be raised to life, and would ascend to Heaven as Lord of lords, and King of kings, to prepare a place for you and for me. Today I plead with you. Make sure that you are His child, be serious about your relationship with Christ. Don’t give yourselves to the world.  I know that it is hard in this day and age we live in to remain pure, and separated from the way this world functions, but with Jesus in your heart, you can live a Godly life. A pure life. A life that will secure your future in Heaven, with God. Jesus loves you. His love will never fail you.