Paardeberg Prison Ministry

Great is the mercy, that God is the Shepherd, and Protector of His people, no matter where they might find themselves. Our outreach to Paardeberg prison was humbling and a huge blessing. We honor God for the privilege to share the gospel with the inmates, encourage them, and lead them into a personal relationship with Christ. Yes, they have the Lord to flee to. God knows them that are His, and they shall never be moved ! Please keep this prison ministry and inmates in your prayers. We serve there every Tuesday morning. Thank you. God bless you.

Message Summary:

Maybe your soul is full of troubles, and it feels like your lives are meaningless, but God can change that today. My brother’s, O how God loves you! He is closer to you than you think. He is with you in this place. For you who call upon His name, He will save you and hearken to your cries. O what must Jesus Christ be in Himself? Christ who can save a man in prison and sweeten life behind bars! He is your salvation today. Trust God every moment of your lives. Pray my friends. He will renew your minds, and give you peace. To have our sins forgiven, and to partake in His promises and goodness what a kind mercy God has shown to us. Jesus will not fail you who are His. Let us pray!