Paarl Gimnasium High School

We had the honor of of ministering to the learners of Paarl Gimnasium of what a wonderful, well furnished, and divinely-authorised Saviour Jesus Christ is!

Message Summary:

Dear friends, where will we go but to Jesus! He has the words of eternal life. Choose Jesus today. By Him and through Him alone is true hope, true love, true peace, and true salvation. Every one of us must come to Him, and no one who comes, however weak or wicked shall ever be cast out, or finally lost. But none either will or can come till they be instructed by His Father, and quickened by His powerful and life-giving word and Spirit. Never neglect Him who is your food and your life, and the length of your days. Never refuse Him who is the free, the unspeakable gift of God. Never doubt of that salvation which is entrusted to His care, who shuts out none, and loses none that the Father has given Him. And never desert Him who is Christ the quickening Son of the living God, full of grace and truth. Serve Christ! All the days of your life. Serve Christ! There is none like Him!