PPK Church Klawer

On Sunday the 2nd of February William served in the PPK church in Klawer.

Message Summary:

By grace, we are saved. Today we must really take to heart just how much good God has done for us. No longer are we orphans or destined for hell. We have been adopted into God’s family.  Now that we have been saved and born again listen to this great revelation.  The Bible says that we no longer live but Christ lives in us. What a blessing! We need not face our battles in our own strength. There is an almighty God living inside of His church. We as the body of Christ can walk in 100% victory over sin and temptation. There is a power inside of us that has never been defeated, and never will be defeated. Take your positions as mighty warriors in the Lord Jesus. Face the rest of your life knowing that Jesus Christ is molding you into His image and that He desires to live His will and purpose through you.