Prison Outreach.

What harsh measures are sometimes necessary to awaken, and thoroughly convince men of their sin! But the need for Christ, the fear of God, and prison often recal sin to men’s remembrance, and render that bitter which was formerly sweet. Today God restored and saved men.

Message Summary:

My friends, 1997, twenty seven years ago, I too was incarcerated and life in prison was hard for me. If only then I had made Jesus Lord of my life, I would have not suffered the way I did, but no, I chose to continue walking in sin. How foolish! My wickedness brought me much sorrow. I was released in 2001, and I had no hope, no strength, no sound mind, prison destroyed me. I was a worse man after prison. For the next six years, I lived a broken life. I was a broken man. Lost in sin! But one day, in 2007, at the brink of suicide, I cried out to Jesus, the Son of God to save me. I repented of all my sin and willingly submitted and surrendered my life to Christ. In the presence of God, my proud spirit was humbled, my sins were forgiven, mercy rewrote my life, and I have never been the same since that moment in time. What mercy it is to be assured that with Jesus, their is freedom from sin, and that we become new men, filled with His blessed Spirit, and are empowered to walk righteously and in victory. O to know Christ, to have the Holy Spirit dwell within you, that is life and life in abundance. Choose Christ today! Receive Him as your Lord and Savior, as your great God.