Riemvasmaak Revival 23-07-2014

Seven days before this meeting, The Holy Spirit led us to a small community named Riemvasmaak. Here fifty-three displaced families live in horrific conditions. It is a small settlement in Sir Lowrey’s Pass village in Cape Town. Riemvasmaak, including the entire Village, face many horrific challenges such as; alcohol and drug abuse, violence, unemployment, to mention but a few. During this revival meeting, The Holy Spirit touched all who were present. Where people felt accursed, troubled in their spirit, filled with much sorrow, feelings of being deserted by God, but, the Fire of God reduced every stronghold and work of the enemy to ashes.

Message Summary: (Luke 17:12-16,19)

The word of God says that when Jesus heard the cry of those ten lepers, He was moved with compassion. He took note of them. He stopped in His tracks and He granted them their request and they received their healing. Maybe there are many things in your life right now that is telling you to stay far away from Jesus. To remain an outcast, a nothing, just like those ten lepers! Many voices are trying to stop you from calling to the Master!  Many forces are trying to hinder you from getting your breakthrough tonight, trying to stop you from coming out of your house and to attend this gathering tonight. But tonight, like those ten lepers, you have to say I will not listen to any voice, I will not allow anything to stop me or keep me away from God’s Son! I have heard that Jesus of Nazareth, He is here tonight!  Nothing could stop those ten lepers, nothing will stop me! Listen, people, tonight, here is a stir of fire! God is here! When He hears you crying, He will restore you. When Jesus hears you crying, He will take note of you, and He will do for you as you ask of Him! And tonight you must make that choice! Tonight you must stand up from where you are, from that place of defeat, from that place of darkness, from that place of death! You have to rise up tonight and say, Jesus of Nazareth, I believe you! I need you tonight! I know in my heart that you will not ignore me! You will not leave me like I am.  It does not matter how bad or how poor I am or how big my problem is, I know that tonight, You, Jesus, will change my life. Tonight is your night, I say tonight is your night! The power of God is over this whole place tonight. Jesus is waiting for you. He is here right now! He’s waiting for you to cry to Him to say Master I am here, I need you, I need you! Let me tell you a great truth, your miracle is so very close to you tonight! Your breakthrough is so close to you tonight! You cannot allow it to pass you by! It is right in front of you! If you feel the Spirit of God calling you tonight, then just come to the front. Jesus wants to heal you. He wants to burn up the very root of darkness in your life, right now. Come while He is here. He wants to set you free.