SAPS outreach Klawer

26 January 2020 was a very crucial and prophetic day for the church in Klawer as the SAPS took hands with different denominations and church leaders. Together they sought God’s intervention to bring an end to woman and child abuse and combat crime.  The Holy Spirit was moving and empowered the church of God to take its position as a powerful force and to come against the workings of the devil in the community.

Message Summary:

God is with us. Don’t lose hope. Don’t give up just yet. You might ask today but where is God? Our children’s future looks so uncertain. Drugs, gangsters, alcohol abuse, woman and child abuse, assaults, are taking place daily! Where is God! Today I have got news for you, Jesus said, I am with you always. There is an Almighty God that is with us to empower us and to protect us. God will never fail His own. Don’t fear! Be strong in the Lord. Take courage. Allow God to work through you to reach out to those who desperately need Jesus. God wants to use you. God wants to defeat the devil in Klawer. But it starts with us. His church. We must return to God. We must repent of these sins and make ourselves available for God to work through us. We will see the revival. The devil doesn’t have a chance.