Sin and Repentance

Dreadful is the nature of sin! It and nothing else renders us miserable, and separates us from God! Terrifying are the consequences of living without Jesus. Nothing else plunges a person into sin and misery as does such a lifestyle.  Many good men and woman has fallen victim to it and have ended up ruined and destined for hell.  How dark is this sin!

Desperately in need of Jesus, and of the infilling of the Holy Spirit is the individual who desires to have victory over sin and the devil. No matter the need, no matter the circumstance Jesus, and Jesus, alone is the answer in your darkest hour.

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of Jesus shall be saved.” Romans 10:13

Every day you and I are travelling through this world toward eternity. To a destiny that will never end, and which cannot be changed once we arrive there. There are but two roads. Two destinations.

You are either on the road that leads to Heaven, or you are on the road of destruction that leads to hell. Do you know where you are going?

The Road to Hell

There are many people on this road. “The gate to hell is wide and the road that leads to it is easy, and there be many who travel it.” (Matthew 7:13).

Most of these people have their eyes closed. They do not know, and many don´t care that they are on the road of destruction.

In whom the god of this age hath blinded the minds of the unbelieving, to the end that they may not discern the radiance of the glad-message of the glory of the Messiah, Who is the image of God. (2 Corinthians 4:4)

satan is a deceiver; Jesus described his true character when He called him “the father of lies.” Jesus said; “he was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature; for he is a liar, and the father of lies” (John 8:44)

Just as Jesus manifests the truth speaks the truth and is the full embodiment of truth, satan manifests deception speaks lies and is the full embodiment of all that is false.

Throughout the ages, his objective has been to hinder man from knowing the truth. As the “god of this world,” he has the ability to “blind” the minds of unbelievers from receiving the truth. He tempts and lures them to sin, and the deceitfulness of sin hinders them from seeing the truth of the gospel of Jesus. Once he has blinded their minds, he is able to take them captive to do his will. And his will is for man to sin against God. The devil’s will and purpose for man is to live in sin, and to die in sin. He wants to kill you and defeat you.

The road to hell is filled with people who have become so hardened to sin around them that they no longer fall on their faces before God and cry out for His mercy. They are bound in chains of darkness. They have become so hardened to sin that they fail to see the sins they allow to remain in their hearts they are unwilling to receive correction and reproof they are unrepentant.

They know Jesus, but do not glorify Him. Their imaginations are unwholesome. Their foolish hearts are darkened. They boast of wisdom, yet, their hearts are foolish. They have fallen into idolatry, worshiping things created rather than the Creator. They have separated themselves from Jesus, fulfilling their lusts, dishonouring their bodies leading to a long list of sinful acts, which greatly displease God.

“And, even as they did not approve to be holding God in acknowledgment, God gave them up unto a disapproved mind, to be doing the things that are not becoming. Filled with all unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, baseness, full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, evil disposition, whisperers, detractors, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, vain boasters, inventors of vices, unto parents unyielding. Without discernment, regardless of covenants, without natural affection, unmerciful: Who indeed, having acknowledged the righteous sentence of God, that they who such things as these do practise are worthy of death, not only the same things are doing, but are even delighting together with them who are practising them.” (Romans 1:28-32)

“For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of God.”Romans 3:23)

You and I cannot get rid of a single sin by our own efforts. The load gets heavier as time goes on, and “Sin pays its wage-death.” (Romans 6:23)

We cannot even hide one sin from God.

But God said unto Samuel, “Do not regard his countenance, or the height of his stature; for I have rejected him, for it is not what man looketh to, but what God looketh to. For man looketh to the outward appearance, but God looketh to the heart.”(1Samuel 16:7)

“And inasmuch as it is in store for men, once for all to die, but after this, judgment.” (Hebrews 9:27)

“Then I saw a great white throne and the one who sits on it. And I saw the dead, great and small alike, standing before the throne. Books were opened, and then another book was opened, the book of the living. The dead were judged according to what they had done, as recorded in the books.  Whoever did not have his name written in the book of the living was thrown into the lake of fire.” (Into Hell) (Revelation 20:11,12,15)

God’s Word tells us that there is a hell, a place of eternal punishment for those who do not obey God. The Word tells us that there is a hell for those who choose to hold the hand of satan and walk the road to hell. The Bible says, “They are going to end up in hell (whose end is destruction) because their god is their bodily desires, whose glory is their shame, who mind only the things of this world.” (Philippians 3:19)

But God is also an God of love, “He does not want anyone to be destroyed, but wants all to turn from their sins.” (2 Peter 3:9) In His great kindness and love, He has made a way of escape for all who really want it. Do you want to find the way of life which leads to heaven?

The Way of Life

Since we could not free ourselves from our sins, nor from the just punishment for our sins, God has provided a Saviour.

There is only one way to heaven.

Jesus said; “I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by me.” (John 14:6)

“And there is in no one else salvation, for neither is there any other Name under heaven, which hath been set forth among men, in which we must needs be saved.” (Acts 4:12)

How Can We Start The Way of Life? The Way To Heaven?

“Repent, for The Kingdom of heaven is at hand!” (John 3:1-2)

Repentance is a decision that results in a change of mind, which in turn leads to a change of purpose and action.

There is no birth into the Kingdom without hearing the call to salvation, renouncing ones sin, and turning from sin towards Jesus the Saviour. (Acts 3:19)

And Jesus said unto him, “Why callest thou Me good? None is good, save one, God.” (Mark10:18)

We can only enter this wonderful state “the way to heaven” through repentance and conversion and through accepting Jesus in faith. He makes us children of God. To repent is the beginning of God’s will for us.

Without repentance there is no forgiveness of sins. We remain dead in trespasses and sin! We remain on the road to hell! As The Father said about His lost son; “This son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found!” So they began to celebrate: but the son repented and said to his Father; (Luke 15:21) “Father I have sinned against heaven and against you; I am not worthy to be called your son!” The confession of sin and his turning back to the house of his Father was necessary for the prodigal son to receive the full forgiveness of his sins.

Jesus said; “The season is fulfilled, and the Kingdom of God hath drawn near, Repent ye, and have faith in the glad-message.” (Mark 1:15)

Come to Jesus, in prayer, just as you are with your load of sin, and ask Him to forgive you. He says, “I will never turn away anyone who comes to me.” (John 6:37). “Come to me, all of you who are heavy burdened, and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

Believe in Jesus alone for your deliverance from sin. “Whereas, if in the light we are walking, as He is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus His Son is cleansing us from all sin.” (1 John 1:7)

He will give you a new life, eternal life. Jesus said “Whoever hears My Words and believes in Him who sent Me has eternal life.” “He will not be judged, but has already passed from death to life.” (John 5:24). “On the contrary now, no longer are we gaining it. So that, if any one is in the Messiah, there is a new creation! The old things have passed away, Lo! they have become new” (2 Corinthians5:17)

You will have peace in your heart. “Having therefore been declared righteous by faith, let us have peace towards God, through our Master Jesus the Messiah.” (Romans 5:1)

“And this is the witness: that life age-abiding hath God given unto us, and this life is in His Son: He that hath the Son hath the life, he that hath not the Son of God hath not the life. These things have I written unto you, in order that ye may know that ye have life age-abiding, unto you who believe on the Name of the Son of God.” (1 John 5:11-13)

Jesus wants you to cast all your cares upon Him for He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7) You can do this with the assurance that God has promised to supply all your needs according to His riches in Jesus (Philippians 4:19). For He will rescue thee from the snare of the fowler, from the destructive pestilence. (Psalm 91:3)

“That if thou shalt confess the declaration with thy mouth, that Jesus is Master, and shalt believe with thy heart, that God raised Him from among the dead, thou shalt be saved:. ” (Romans 10:9)

And right now, if you have never given your heart to Jesus, or never had a relationship with Him, then now is your hour.

Jesus being the King of kings and The Master of masters, He came down to this earth, and he went to the cross and He bore what we deserve on the cross, because of His love for us, and now, he offers it for free to you. If you have never made Him God of your life, make that commitment right now. Don´t walk away without saying Jesus I need you. Don’t walk away without taking hold of Jesus. Make sure that you going to heaven. Be sure that Jesus has saved you.

The hope of eternity in Heaven with Jesus, no more tears, no more sorrow, no more pain, no more hell. And even right now, you can have Jesus walk with you every other day of your life as He prepares you for eternity.

What to Pray: (Sinners Prayer)

Jesus, I am a sinner and I need You.

I repent of my sin. Please forgive me. Please save me.

I believe You shed Your Blood for me, and died for me.

I believe God raised You from the dead.

I choose to walk away from my sin.

I invite You to come and live in my heart as my personal Saviour.

Thank You that I am Your child. Amen

If you have prayed the sinner’s prayer, and have accepted Jesus as your Messiah and Saviour, then you have just begun a wonderful new life with Him. YOU ARE SET FREE!

“That the house of Israel may no more go astray from following Me, and no more defile themselves by any of their transgressions, but may become My people and I may become their God, declareth God.” (Ezekiel 14:11)

God has established an everlasting covenant with you and has sealed it with His oath that He will never break it. You are now a new part of a new nation; God’s spiritual Israel. God is now your God, and you are part of His covenant people. By repenting and making Jesus God of your life, God has taken possession of you. By His Spirit He has circumcised your heart, taken out the stony heart, and has given you a heart filled with His love.

He has restored our will and brought it into perfect harmony with His Will, so that you now have a desire to love Him with your whole heart.

He has given you the power to obey Him and keep His commandments.

He has forgiven all your sins.  Blotted them out and given you power over sin. As your God, He has made you one with Him. He has given you His glory. All that He is and has.

In this blood-covenant relationship, Jesus has given us “As all things suited for life and righteousness His divine power unto us hath given, through the personal knowledge of Him that hath called us through glory and excellence” (2 Peter 1:3).

Jesus has given you “exceeding great and precious promises” and has made you “partaker of the divine nature” (2 Peter1:4)

You are set free from the bondage of sin. You have been called to freedom. Under the new covenant you have been called to walk in the freedom of the Spirit. It is through faith in the work Jesus accomplished on Calvary that you have entered into a blood-covenant relationship with God. By faith, you must stand fast in the liberty wherewith Jesus has made you free, and not be entangled again with the yoke of bondage (Galatians 5:1)

To walk in freedom, you must be led by The Spirit of God. You must no longer depend upon your own strength, but upon the power of The Holy Spirit. Paul told the Galatians; “But I say, walk and live habitually in the (Holy) Spirit-responsive to and controlled and guided by The Spirit; then you will certainly not gratify the cravings and desires of the flesh But if you are guided (led) by The Holy Spirit you are not subject to the Law” (Galatians 5:16,18)

You have been saved and set free to walk in 100 percent obedience to God. To obtain the promise under the new covenant, you must be obedient to God. You must be responsive to His voice and the leading of The Holy Spirit.

Refuse to listen to those who say it is impossible to walk in perfect obedience to God. It is impossible to walk in obedience to God in our limited strength (in the flesh); but, it is possible through the power of The Holy Spirit Who lives within us!

“For sin over you shall not have dominion, for ye are not under the law, but under favour” (Romans 6:14)

You have been set free from the power of the flesh! Paul said; “For the law of the Spirit of life in Jesus hath set thee free from the law of sin and of death; For what was impossible by the law, in that it was weak through the flesh, God, by sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and concerning sin, condemned sin in the flesh: In order that the righteous requirement of the law might be fulfilled in us, who not according to the flesh do walk, but according to the Spirit” (Romans 8:2-4)

Here are some guide lines of how to live your new life with Jesus.

How to Live The New Life

  1. Read The Bible every day: Besides been a light for our way; it is food for the soul. “Be like new-born babies, always thirsty for the pure spiritual milk, so that by drinking it you may grow up.” (1 Peter 2:2) Ask God to guide you and teach you by His Holy Spirit, as you read.
  2. Come near to God in prayer every day, praying in the Name of Jesus. “Don´t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking Him with a thankful heart. And God’s peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)
  3. Speak to others about Jesus. “Go back to your family and tell them how much God has done for you and how kind He has been to you.” (Mark 5:19)
  4. In temptation call upon Jesus. “He can help those who are tempted, because He Himself was tempted and suffered.” (Hebrews 2:18)
  5. If you do sin again, confess it quickly to God. “But if we confess our sins to God, He will keep His promise and do what is right: He will forgive us our sins and purify us from wrongdoing.” (1 John 1:9)
  6. Try to associate with other believers in Jesus, where the Bible is the final authority “My commandment is this: love one another, just as I have loved you.” (John 15:12)
  7. Always obey God. “Whoever loves Me will obey my teaching.” (John 14:23)
  8. Do not be afraid, for Jesus is with you. “I will never leave you; I will never forsake you.” (Hebrews 13:5)
  9. Be Baptized. Then Peter said unto them, “Repent ye, and let each one of you be immersed in the Name of Jesus, into the remission of your sins, and ye shall receive the free-gift of the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:38) “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.”(Mark 16:16) “Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed in pure water.” (Hebrews 10:22)
  10. Give yourself completely to Jesus. Let Him direct your life according to His Will. In this you will be completely free and find true happiness in Him. “Thou shalt therefore love God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy might.” (Deuteronomy 6:5)

Please make a study of the teachings on this website. God BLESS YOU.

Stay by His feet my friend. Jesus Loves you. You are saved and free. Never look back and long for the old life , that dirty old road which is filled with sin and death.

May you never be satisfied with where you are in Jesus, but always hunger to be more intimate with Him. Knowing that you are accepted by God, sanctified by His Spirit, that you will live eternally with Him in the most holy and honourable fellowship. May Jesus empower you to continue the good fight because the complete power of life and hell and death and heaven are in Jesus’ hand, the attacks will keep coming but grace abounds even more.