Soa Bras High School

During Child Protection week a joint effort was made to reach out to the Gr 8 and Gr 9 of Soa Bras High School. The children were addressed with regards to making the right choices in life. William Austen, Christa Wilkes (Come Lord Jesus) Christal (Family Care) and Alma Kritzinger (Social Crime)

The pupils were really encouraged by the message brought to them: William spoke of his own life as a young man, and how he was deceived by believing that to be feared, accepted and respected he had to be tough. He was the pupil who lived this lie to its fullest. He had no respect for any teacher, no respect for any girl, and fighting was what he done best. In all he was absent 76 days in one year, while hanging out with older boys. Being tough meant smoking Dagga, drinking alcohol, fighting, stealing, breaking other peopleĀ“s property, and the list goes on. “Today I know how wrong I was. And I praise God that He changed my life”, he said, “Being tough is not what I was, But to really be tough, is to wash your brothers feet. Being tough is to allow Jesus to rule your life. Being tough is to love your neighbour and to pray with them, being tough is to say NO to the serpent, and YES to THE KING!” he said.