Sonskyn Valley Crusade

Two are better than one the Word of God says, and this absolutely true. I had the honour of taking hands with Reverent Aubrey from Re-United Ministries to serve the community of Sonskyn Valley. Here in this little village are huge needs. Such a need for Jesus, such a need for hope, and yes, even a piece of bread. But we serve a mighty God, and in this tent, every night over the month of April, miracles have been seen, and people have received breakthroughs in Jesus’ Name. I could not be present every evening, but when I was in the tent, my heart broke and the tears kept coming as testimonies were given of how God was changing lives inside the tent. I cried even more so listening to the testimonies of mothers, and seeing them cry, and begging God to protect their children from all the elements at work in the community which are destroying their precious children. Reverent Aubrey, thank you for the opportunity we had to serve alongside you and your ministry.

Message Summary:

(2Chronicles 20:14-17) I have a message for you Sonskyn. You must Stop being afraid of your enemies! Stop being afraid of the future and allow God Almighty, to fight this battle for you. You might say tonight, “Where is this God you talk of! Look at our circumstances, is this what your God can do? Is this all he can offer! Can you not see how oppressed we are, how dark the future looks for our children. Where is this God you say defeated the armies who came to make war with His people?” I tell you, HE IS, right here in this little tent. HE IS, here to do for you whatever you ask tonight. If you will just give your life to Him if you repent tonight and come out to make a stand for Jesus in this village God is ready to break every bondage in your life and destroy your enemies. If you repent tonight from every sin and surrender to God, you will leave this tent tonight filled with courage and confidence that God will make all things new, and the favour of God will be on your life. It is not by power, nor by might, but only by The Spirit of God that your enemies will be defeated. Not by power or by might that your circumstances will change, or even that your soul will be saved, but only by the working of God’s Spirit. NOTHING, not cars, money, houses, drugs, alcohol, NOTHING can save you except God’s Son. It is not your task to defeat your enemy the devil, but a job for God alone. Give your life to Jesus tonight, and receive your breakthrough, receive your salvation, your healing, and see how God removes your enemies.