Strand Secondary School

One thousand two hundred learners filled the hall and we were very happy to be there.

Message Summary:

Jesus loves you and He has promised to never leave you. Use this moment to think of your life that lies ahead of you: school; friends; carreer; falling in love; different trials; parenthood; and hopefully a long life, and you can be grandparents some day.  Let me tell you that you dare not think that life is a walk in the park. This world and everything in it is at jeopardy every hour. Whatever your dreams might be, whatever battles you might be facing, Jesus is with you. Don’t be fooled by believing you are in control of your life. In this world we need more than our own strengths. We are all desperately in need of Jesus.

Before you leave here today, it is my prayer that your heart will be filled with the hope of an amazing journey with Jesus Christ. Don’t dare think that in this wicked age you can survive without Him. Believe me, I know, that without Jesus we can do nothing. Jesus said, “Remain in Me, just as I am in you, then you will bare much fruit.”