Street Evangelism Friday the 13th

Today I served on the streets of Klawer again. The one man I met is homeless and has been hiking for three months trying to get to a family member in Springbok. He was already drinking when I began to speak to him about Jesus. He did not have a Bible with him and I could bless him with one. O, how he appreciated that Bible. I know God will be with that man. Every person I shared the gospel with and gave a Bible to was very thankful. God is so good. Yes, He is so good.

Message Summary:

Jesus knows about you. He loves you. He will not forget you. He is the God of hope and He will fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him. God wants to be part of your life so that you can overflow with hope and power to face today and every other day. Trust Him. May this Bible bless you.