Street Evangelism Paarl

As time allows, we try to do street evangelism every day. This morning, we had the privilege to serve some of the homeless on the streets of Paarl. Personally, I have also lived on the streets and know that life on the streets is very difficult. The homeless are mostly treated by people with resentment and a sense of disgust. Many of them have no hope for a better tomorrow and find themselves depressed while living like outcasts. But then, when Jesus is preached their eyes, light up, as hope is given. O to see broken people restored with dignity as they discover a new identity in Christ! How marvelous, to experience the love and kindness which comes from God’s heart. All they need is to hear that they are precious, too. That their lives matter and that a better life is guaranteed with Jesus Christ. Stand still, my soul, and consider the wonderful work of God!