Streets of Vredendal and Klawer

Saturday morning the 20th of July I preached the gospel on the streets of Vredendal and Klawer. My heart broke as I saw these people in desperate need for a Saviour. What saddened me even more was the fact that most blatantly rejected Jesus, and that many don’t even know they lost. But, I praise God, after many hours of praying for these folk and reaching out, a man who has only one leg, asked Jesus into his heart. It was all worthwhile in the end as people’s needs were met in Jesus Name, and a soul was saved. Bless You Jesus.

Message Summary:

People, the time has come for you to turn to Jesus. Why will you continue to suffer and die? God loves you. God wants to save you from this horrific life of poverty and alcohol abuse. There is no other name by which you can be saved than by the Name of Jesus, God’s Son. All who are sick, and all who want to be set free, call upon the Name of Jesus and live.