Temperance Town Primary. Gordon’s Bay

Jesus says; that whatever we ask the Father in His Name, He Himself will grant our request. The weather forecast said that there will be rain and when we arrived at the school the sky was dark with thick clouds. Our meeting was to start at 10h00 and the arrangement with the headmaster was that if it rains the meeting would be canceled. Minutes before 10h00 it began to rain softly. We prayed that God holds back the rain until we had completed that which He had sent us to do. Within six minutes the heavens were cleared, our meeting took place and The Spirit of God claimed all the children for His Kingdom.  God touched every child with His love and all the children including the teachers prayed The our Father prayer. Then all four hundred children stood to their feet and called upon Jesus and invited Him to live in their hearts. Thereafter more than a hundred children came out for personal prayer which lasted for more than an hour without any interference from the headmaster or any other teacher. It was just absolutely wonderful to have seen how the power of God healed these kids broken hearts. Lives were restored. Some of the prayer requests brought tears to our eyes. “can uncle ask God to stop my father from hitting my mom – pray that God gives us food – I want a pass result on my report if I fail I’m gonna get a hiding – the older boys walk around with guns and say that one day they going to kill me, I’m scared – my uncle is sleeping with me and I want him to stop!” These were but a few of the problems the kids brought before God.

Message Summary:

1 Peter 5:7 “Cast all your concerns on Him because He cares for you.”   Today school closes for holiday and you going to be facing some challenges and you might have to make some tough decisions regarding friends and how to utilize your free time. There are many bad influences in our communities. Young as you are YAHVAH (God) has given you the ability to distinguish between what is good and bad because He loves you and cares for you.  Today YAHSHUA (Jesus) is saying, “Bring me all your problems and I will help carry them. If you will invite Me into your life, into your heart, I will be with you forever and I will be your friend.”