TGIF women’s meeting NG Church Durbanville

At 05h30 on Tuesday morning’s women from different Church, denominations gather at the Dutch Reformed Church in Durbanville, and William had the privilege of ministering to them.

Message Summary:

In these end times, we live in, God wants to draw each one of you, the women of this generation into a greater knowledge and experience of Himself through His Son Jesus. God does not want to remain a mystery to you.  He wants you to walk in the revelation of full knowledge, of WHO HE IS, why HE saved your souls, and what HE wants to accomplish in your life.  Mankind has always looked at women as having no real place in the kingdom work. Let me tell you this morning how God sees it: HE has called each one of you to be part of HIS body and has in abundance granted you spiritual riches which are operating in you through His life in you. God wants you to know this truth this morning, “He wants you to make use of the spiritual power He has freely given you, to reach out to a world of broken women, to a world of broken men and children!” You are precious, and God loves you. He has called you to be more than the submissive wife. You are the light of the world ladies. The same spirit that dwells in the sons’ of God also operates in you. Take your place, as the daughters of God Almighty. Your husband needs you more as the daughters of God than just the wife or mother in the house. Trust me I know what I am speaking of.