Jomar Farm. Klawer

The Farm Jomar, is situated between Vredendal and Klawer. Jan Smit the owner of the Farm arranged for the workers to meet with William on Tuesday evening the 13th of August.

Message Summary:

John 15:9; I have loved you, [just] as The Father has loved Me; abide in My love [continue in His love with Me]. Tonight is all about Jesus and His heart of love. How good is God, how magnificent is He? What kind of God is He, what must This Jesus be, in Himself, who is so rich in love, good to all, and has compassion on those who cry for help.  He doesn’t only love the rich, the educated, the powerful, or the healthy.  He doesn’t only walk with the popular, and the superstars of this world, but He Loves all. You might think in your hearts that here you are on this farm, hidden from the world, just working and sweating and that this is all life has to offer. Your parents worked this land, and most likely your grandparents, and so this is it, this is all that you have in this life. But I am here to tell you that God has a history of blessing and using people who have suffered in this world. He loves you with the same love He loved Jesus. If Jesus can sweeten bitter water, sweeten prison, yes, even sweeten death and the grave, then surely Jesus can sweeten your life on this farm. Abide in His love. Love Him.